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Leisure plus: Eyes and ears


Institute members on what music they are currently listening to and what books are worth reading

Jonathan Lee

What I’m listening to

- Kane Wu, Co-founder of ThinkCol

Jonathan Lee is a Taiwanese musician and producer regarded as one of the most influential and respected figures in the world of Mandopop music. He has written more than 300 songs to date, either sung by himself or the over 70 artists he has worked with. “Recently, my vocal coach introduced me to Jonathan Lee’s The Price of Love. Not only is it a challenging song to sing, but its lyrics are meaningful and insightful. I think that compared to many contemporary Cantonese love songs, the lyrics of this Mandarin song are more representative of an experienced life journey,” says Wu. 

What I’m reading

When life gets you down, maintaining a positive mind is crucial. The Magic by Rhonda Byrne introduces a 28-day gratitude exercise, which really helped me to switch to having a more positive mindset and also allowed me to see things from a different perspective. It provides simple practices that will open any reader’s eyes.

- Juni Ngai, General Manager of eBRAM Centre Limited

I recently read Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones. As suggested by its title, the author shares systematic methods to build good habits and let go of bad ones in our daily lives. The four main principles to form a good habit are: make it obvious, make it attractive, make it easy and make it satisfying. The book is straightforward, well-organized and easy to follow as there are practical steps provided. I would highly recommend this to those who have been struggling to make a change in their lives.

- Joyce Chu, Group Internal Audit Manager at a semiconductor and electronics solutions provider

Author Eric Ries walks through some of the pitfalls that he encountered before launching his new product. This book is an ideal choice for those who would like to start their own businesses. There are so many entrepreneurs that are starting their own enterprises around the world and many of them have excellent ideas and products in mind, but not many are armed with the tools they need to build a sustainable business. If you want to arm yourself today, read this book! You will finish it before you know it.

- Joyce Fok, Founder of Joyce S. Y. Fok CPA