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Institute members on what music they are currently listening to and what books are worth reading

Mamma Mia! cast

What I’m listening to

- Lenny Wong, former general manager of corporate governance at a supply chain management company 

“I’m always listening to Our Last Summer from Swedish supergroup ABBA. I first heard this song when I watched the live musical Mamma Mia! in the United Kingdom. I love the song because it is very relatable and describes a care-free life. When we grow up, we take on more responsibilities in all aspects of life, begin to worry more and forget to live a happy and simple life, one which we can only be lived once.”

What I’m reading

Recently, I read The Secret, which discusses the Law of Attraction and how to use it in your life. The book introduces the concept that people’s thoughts influence their actions. The Secret also encourages me to visualize my goals clearly in order to attract what I want. It tells us that when we feel positive emotions, we tend to build up our resources. Overall, it’s a good read that pushes for positive thinking and a changed mindset. 

- Kelvin Ho, Senior Internal Auditor of a semiconductor equipment supplier

I read a book about Yoshiko Kawashima written by Japanese writer Fuyuko Kamisaka. Kawashima was a Chinese princess of Manchu descent. She was raised in Japan and served as a spy for the Japanese Kwantung Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War, carrying on her father’s ambition to restore the glory of Manchuria. However, she was labelled a traitor after being seen with the army, which ultimately led to her death. It’s an interesting book, as there are still mysteries and rumours surrounding her death. Her life reflected the sorrows of modern Chinese history. 

- Sammi Fung, District Councillor

Becoming a manager of people is a rite of passage that many CPAs go through as they become more senior, and suddenly having to inspire others to be their best can be daunting. Author Julie Zhuo found herself in that position after being made head of a Silicon Valley design team, and went on a journey to discover that great managers are made, not born. In this approachable book, Zhuo cuts through the management jargon and shares very human and actionable tips on how to lead with confidence by helping your team thrive. 

- Recommended by A Plus editors