A plan for all

A close look at the objectives set out in the Institute’s new strategic plan and what they mean for members

Beating the scammers

Experts discuss the recent rise in fraud cases and how the pandemic has created new challenges for accountants

The storyteller

Charles Tilley, Chief Executive Officer of the International Integrated Reporting Council, on its revision of the International Framework

Guiding the way

Ken Siong, Senior Technical Director at the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants, on how he is helping to elevate ethics

Life in the fast food lane

Keith Chan, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of McDonald’s Hong Kong, on digital transformation and the attraction of self-development

Home truths

Four Institute members share their work-from-home experiences

Settling the standard

A look at the global debate on how goodwill accounting can improve for better disclosures about acquisitions

Time for Plan B

How companies can implement contingency planning measures to navigate uncertainties amid the COVID-19 pandemic

The full perspective

Fiona Nott, Chief Executive Officer at The Women's Foundation, on the fight for more women in leadership roles in the city

Staying resilient

Jack Chan, Greater China Regional Managing Partner of EY, on the growth of Mainland China’s economy, and what it means to adapt as an auditor

Super-connecting Hong Kong

How the implementation of 5G in Hong Kong this year affects consumers as well as businesses across various sectors

Special report: An assuring future

How emerging technologies and changing expectations are upending what it means to be an auditor today, and why auditors have to stay ahead in an age of tightening regulations

Framework for success

The work and reasons behind the Professional Development Framework for Professional Accountants in Business

What's the purpose?

Winners of last year’s Best Corporate Governance Awards discuss the benefits of being a purpose-driven business

Planning for our future

Johnson Kong, Managing Director of BDO Hong Kong, on his three main priorities this year as the Institute's new President

Path to the profession

An inside look at how the Institute's new QP will champion and usher in a new era of successful accountants ready to take on the world

Learning how to learn

Why professionals must cultivate effective learning habits to foster ongoing development, even if it means learning on-the-go

The tax man

KK So, Chairman of the Institute’s Taxation Faculty Executive Committee, on his career and the ways in which the tax industry is evolving