A Plus

Path to the profession

An inside look at how the Institute's new QP will champion and usher in a new era of successful accountants ready to take on the world

Learning how to learn

Why professionals must cultivate effective learning habits to foster ongoing development, even if it means learning on-the-go

The tax man

KK So, Chairman of the Institute’s Taxation Faculty Executive Committee, on his career and the ways in which the tax industry is evolving

Cultivating tomorrow

Vertical and indoor farming may be the only viable option for feeding the world's population

Banking on innovation

Industry experts discuss virtual banking benefits and challenges at the Institute’s 2019 PAIB Conference

Forging closer ties

Todd Handcock, Chairman of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, on how the city and Canada will continue working together

Keeping Hong Kong on top

James Lau, Hong Kong’s Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, on why sustainability and technology are crucial factors in positioning Hong Kong as a leading finance hub

China tax, changing ways

China Tax Conference 2019 – How new tax policies and technologies are set to affect Hong Kong businesses and abroad

All sizzle, no steak

A look at changing attitudes towards meat-based diets and how plant-based food manufacturers are catering to today’s increasingly conscious consumers