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Path to the profession
An inside look at how the Institute's new QP will champion and usher in a new era of successful accountants ready to take on the world

Learning how to learn
Why professionals must cultivate effective learning habits to foster ongoing development, even if it means learning on-the-go

Mentoring the future of insolvency
Julie Hertzberg, President of INSOL International, on what it’s really like working in the fast-paced world of insolvency and restructuring

Let's talk fashion

Vincent Leung, Senior Manager, Finance at Versace Asia Pacific on how he stays on top of the luxury world of high-fashion and makes time to train young professionals under the Institute's Authorized Supervisor Scheme

Growth for both

Mentors and mentees from the Mentorship Programme on growing professionally and personally

Institute updates

President's message

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Business news

Harry's impression: U.S. and China tiptoe towards trade truce

Business news

The specialists: Forensic accounting – Chris Fordham

The specialists: Forensic accounting – Irene Siu

The specialists: Forensic accounting – Katy Wong

The specialists: Forensic accounting – Keith Williamson



Second opinions
Are universities doing enough to prepare future accountants?

Six tips for achieving your career goals in 2020
Elaine Lam, Managing Director of Robert Half Hong Kong, on achieving refreshed career goals in the new year

The skills Accountants Plus need to develop and how they intend to develop them
How accountants can attain the necessary hard and soft skills in order to succeed

Meet the speaker: e-Series on corporate and strategic finance
Stephen Chan, Executive Director of iFinance (Asia) Limited, on how corporates can navigate through difficult times

Technical articles

Court of Final Appeal rules that termination payments and benefits given to an employee were not for past services but “for something else” and thus not chargeable to Salaries Tax

Size is no excuse

Views exchanged during the 2019 annual meeting with the IRD

HKFRS 9 – key application challenges for corporates and practical tips

Techwatch 206


Young member of the month
Angus Fung, M&A Tax Manager at Deloitte

Leisure Plus: Eyes and ears
What members are currently listening to and reading

Leisure Plus: Spotlight on Dubai
Where to eat and where to relax in Dubai

Let's get fiscal
If you're an accountant, start getting acquainted with famous singers now, says Nury Vittachi