Special report: Providing greater clarity
A special report on how CPAs in internal audit are indispensable in ensuring the continued success of an organization

A view from the inside

Helen Li FCPA, President of The Institute of Internal Auditors Hong Kong, on how internal auditors can upskill themselves to remain relevant amid an ever-changing business landscape

Cashless is king

Jennifer Tan FCPA, Chief Executive Officer of AlipayHK, on why paying with your smartphone is the way forward

Swimming to victory

CPA swimmers on the importance of perseverance, both in the water and in life

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Business news

The specialists: Forensic accounting – Chris Fordham

The specialists: Forensic accounting – Irene Siu

The specialists: Forensic accounting – Katy Wong

The specialists: Forensic accounting – Keith Williamson


Second opinions: How can SPACs help the Hong Kong market?

Implementing a Personal Data Privacy Management Programme to gain customers’ trust
Ada Chung FCPA, Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, on why companies must put a Personal Data Privacy Management Programme in place

How to empower CFOs to drive climate action
Sanjay Rughani, Chair of the IFAC Professional Accountants in Business Advisory Group, on how to empower CFOs to drive climate action

Meet the speaker: Navigating the twists and turns of a company spin-off
What to expect from an e-Series course on company spin-offs

Technical articles

A step towards international sustainability standards
The Institute responds to the IFRS Foundation’s proposed new board

The future of tax management: data driven or tax control governance driven?
A look at the OECD’s recent publication on digital tax administration and the steps organizations can take to prepare themselves

Technical news


Young member of the month
Jonathan Kong CPA, Investment Associate at an asset management company

Leisure Plus: Eyes and ears
Institute members on what music they are currently listening to and what books are worth reading

Leisure Plus: Spotlight on vegetarian cuisine
Spotlight on the best vegetarian cuisine to try in the city

Let's get fiscal
Learn how to properly sack people, says Nury Vittachi