The experts
The Institute’s specialist training programme course directors on how their courses equip CPAs with the right knowledge to add value

The future specialists
The Institute’s specialist training programme students on how the courses have prepared them for the next stage of their careers

Banking on the future
Deniz Güven, Chief Executive Officer of Mox Bank, on how virtual banks will change the way we spend

Connecting the city

NiQ Lai FCPA, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Broadband Network Group, on how success comes from being a self-starter and looking at the bigger picture

Teaching from experience

Facilitators of the Institute’s Qualification Programme on the joy that comes with nurturing the next generation of CPAs

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The specialists: Forensic accounting – Chris Fordham

The specialists: Forensic accounting – Irene Siu

The specialists: Forensic accounting – Katy Wong

The specialists: Forensic accounting – Keith Williamson


Second opinions: How can common standards combat greenwashing?

Hong Kong CPAs and the Greater Bay Area
Findings from the Institute’s survey about the opportunities available in the GBA for CPAs

How can firms ensure better information security?
Roger Lo, Senior Manager of Risk Advisory, BDO, on the steps companies can take to prevent cyberattacks

Meet the speaker: Investing in Asian high-yield bond markets
What to expect from an e-learning course on investing in Asian high-yield bond markets

Technical articles

Accounting for share options granted by holding companies to employees of subsidiaries
Findings from the Institute’s practice review programme

Impact of the Inland Revenue (Amendment) (Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance on tax practitioners
A look at the Institute’s response to the bill and the new penalty provisions

Technical news


Young member of the month
Jackson Li, Internal Audit Manager at the Hong Kong Productivity Council

Leisure Plus: Eyes and ears
Institute members on what music they are currently listening to and what books are worth reading

Leisure Plus: Spotlight on cycling paths
Spotlight on the best cycling paths to try around the city

Let's get fiscal
Your home office will never truly replace the real thing, says Nury Vittachi