Special report: A high value career
A special report on the work and skills of specialists working in valuations

Developing future leaders

Barry Dempsey, Chief Executive of Chartered Accountants Ireland, on his key focus areas for CAI’s future growth

Creating lifelong value

Eugene Liu, Managing Partner and Head of Consulting at RSM Hong Kong, on the need to stay relevant and flexible amid rapid changes within the profession

Following the recipe

CPA bakers share their passion for baking and secrets to making consistently delicious treats and pastries

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Business news

The specialists: Forensic accounting – Chris Fordham

The specialists: Forensic accounting – Irene Siu

The specialists: Forensic accounting – Katy Wong

The specialists: Forensic accounting – Keith Williamson


Second opinions
What should the top priority be for accountants in 2021?

Government Budget 2021-22: Providing prudent support to weather the storm
Eugene Yeung, Convenor of the Institute’s Budget Proposals 2021/22 Sub-committee and Partner of KPMG, on this year’s Budget

How to manage a team remotely
Ken Chan, Director of Page Personnel Hong Kong, on the best ways to manage a team from anywhere in the world

Meet the speakers: The BEPS 2.0 e-seminar series
What to expect from an e-Series on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting 2.0

Technical articles

Institute’s response to the IAASB discussion paper on fraud and going concern
A look at the Institute’s feedback and recommendations on an IAASB discussion paper on fraud and going concern

Technical news


Young member of the month
Sean Cheng, Senior Manager of Group Audit and Management Services at a high-end lifestyle brand operator

Leisure plus: Eyes and ears
Institute members on what music they are currently listening to and what books are worth reading

Leisure plus: Spotlight on takeaway meals
Institute members recommend restaurants to grab your next takeaway meal

This account is crystal clear
Take a deep breath and say “om” every now and then – especially before an audit, says Nury Vittachi